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Example Of Our Script

Russian Constructivism – Act I, Part 3

This scene will feature the character from the previous scene shooting an easel this gives the message ‘Art is dead, long live the machine art of Tatlin’ This is very literal because it is the machine art shooting normal art on an easel.

What is going to happen?

  1. Scene is cleared  by giant hand, on a blank canvas
  2. Character re enters scene
  3. Arm is raised with loaded gun (towards camera)
  4. Zoom on character (Suspense)
  5. Characters hand is shown with gun & raised
  6. Fade to black
  7. An easel is shown (pop-up)
  8. Gun is fired & hits easel [sound: gunshot]
  9. Easel falls to the ground
  10. Character appears again smiling
  11. Speech bubble text (maybe)  ‘Long live the machine art of Tatlin’
  12. Fade out

This script acts as a guideline for the illustrator (Kris) to draw visually what is going to happen were lauren can then visually see what is meant to be happening and can recreate it digitally.  The script is susceptible to change and nothing is set in stone with this its just organised ideas.



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