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Paul Renner & Futura

As I had brought in the book “Just My Type” I didn’t want to leave it out and there was a chapter about Paul Renner and Futura that was relevant to the chapter we are recreating visually. 

Here are a few facts about Paul Renner & Futura:

  • Its the best know German font
  • IKEA use it instead of Verdana
  • Paul Renner was a painter, typographer & lecturer
  • “Die Schrift unserer zeit” translated to “The typeface of our time” 
  • This could have been written alternatively as “Zeitgesit” 
  • Renner went on to spend 4 more years perfecting the font. 
  • In 1925 much of the civic appearance of Frankfurt was set in Futura
  • There are many similar typefaces to Futura
  • Volkswagen still uses Futura.
  • The message in space left by Apollo II Astronauts was left on a plaque in Futura.



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