Design Presentation & Reporting

Whats goes on in Design Presentation & Reporting

Facts based on research

These are just a few bits of research that are relevant to the entire chapter:

  • The Bauhaus suffered public humiliation in 1923.
  • Bauhaus Austellung showed the institutions new, post expressionist and functionalist identity. 
  • “Technology does not need art, But Art does need technology”
  • The idea of turning the Bauhaus back to the machine Aesthetic.
  • Deutscher Werkbunds goal was to provide high quality designs for the modern world.
  • A New logo was made for the Bauhaus featuring an interlocked square, a equilateral triangle which was tightly circumscribed by a circle. 
  • The logo would function visually as an in arrow in some instances, much like the progress of the Bauhaus itself.
  • The elementary geometry & dynamic asymmetry capture the heart of the constructivist aesthetic.
  • Sans serif was expanded as the typographic standard at the school, Just like Futura. 
  • The idea of all typography must emphasise clarity over any other element was incorporated.
  • Every art form was to be assessed on its ability to perform its task which was to get the message across in a basic way.
  • Herbert Bayer designed a new currency which then became worthless by 1923.
  • There was a dramatic shift in the style of the Bauhaus way of representing things graphically in 1923.
  • Students were encouraged to shift and follow the constructivist trend. 
  • Joust Schmidt designed a poster in honor of the Russian Constructivism.
  • Orthogonal design and architecture were a big part of the style. 

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