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Depoliticisation at The Bauhaus

The Constructivist principles were depoliticised between 1925 – 1928. In order to survive the Bauhaus had to de emphasise the politics that played a role in the adoption of Russian Constructivism. Also the political commitments of many of the staff and students of the Bauhaus would be written out of art history. In 1923 the technological advancement occurred and it was said that:

“To be the user of machines is to be of the spirit of this century. It has replaced the transcendent spiritualism of past eras.”

During this time Hannes Meyer was promoted to director of the Bauhaus. 

After the depoliticisation ;

Moholy Nagy was annoyed that the new communist regime in Hungary would not accept non representational art as a propaganda tool so he then exhiled himself to Austria and ended up in Germany. His view was that constructivism was indivisible from its revolutionary context. It was commitment to radical social change that drove his work. 



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