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Design Discourse an Introduction

So today was my first design discourse class and it was focused on what we all thought about theory work and whether or not we even find it useful. It was like a feedback session just to see if anything could be improved. After a brief slideshow we gathered in groups and gave 5 positive things and 5 negative things we thought about theory work and then presented our thoughts to the class.

Today we got a little bit of insight as to what our coursework would be we have to make a 2 minute video based on a chapter of a book working in our groups and the second piece is this very same blog.

Assignment One –

Is to be a two minute long video , 640×480 no more than 30mb and is to be saved in .mp4 format.  The video will be based on a chapter from a book and portray this chapter to your audience in a video.

Assignment Two –

Set up a blog to post feelings, thoughts about the module. The blog is to be  a reflective online journal roughly 2,000 to 2,500 words.


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